Wednesday, February 12, 2014


Our names are Jennifer and Brandon. We both like Justin Bieber. Brandon and I were both born in Yuma Az. and we both like pizza and our favorite color is blue.. We attend Kofa High School We are both juniors and play sports. His favorite is basket ball and mine is soccer. Another thing that both Brandon and I like is Nike. Brandon and i both like to spend time with friends, and watch movies. His favorite movie is hot rod and mine is dumb and dumber. We enjoying going to the mall and hanging out. The last place we both traveled to with our families was rocky point.we both enjoyed it there its are favorite place to go Jennifer and i love talking about rocky point are favorite place or spot at rocky point. we both love chocolate especially snickers nothing beats that delicious chocolate.we always support each other when we have a game. we enjoy making posters cheering. Jennifer and i both have a English class together with this awesome teacher called Mr.Hardin. its are favorite class because we are together and get to talk about Justin bieber and what recently has been happening with him or any new releases. .Well now that you got to know more about us we're going to start our blog. We're going to be blogging about Justin Bieber, hope you enjoy... :)

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